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The Neighborhood Planting Project is a group of neighbors on Bloomington’s westside committed to supporting local growing, food autonomy, ecological restoration, and public beauty. Last year, we gave away and helped plant 1200 trees in the Waterman, Maple Heights, Trailview, and Crestmont neighborhoods. In 2019, we’re continuing the project with a new lineup of native and/or edible fruit and nut trees, including pecan, serviceberry, improved mulberry, shagbark hickory, smooth sumac, red osier dogwood, pawpaw, persimmon, hazelnut, gooseberry, currant, jostaberry, and white pine. We will also be providing more understory plantings than last year, including herbs, strawberries, perennial vegetables, blackberries, and comfrey.

We are also planting in two new neighborhoods this year – Switchyard and Green Acres, as well as planting a public orchard at Pantry 279 in Elletsville. Pickup is on each neighborhood’s planting day (dates below). Planting days will also have workshops and a plant/seed swap.  

Waterman— Saturday 3/23/19 (10am-1pm)

    • Avalon Garden (1500 W 8th St.  / Corner of w 8th and Hopewell)

Maple Heights—Sunday 3/24/19 (10am-1pm)

    • The Overlook Community Center (611 W. 12th St)

Crestmont — Sunday 3/24/19 (1-4pm)

    • E.V. Debs House (909 N. Blair Ave.)

Trailview — Sunday 3/24/19 (1-4pm) 

    • Entrance to Trailview Subdivision
    • (Public pawpaw patch planting at Trailview neighborhood entrance, 1:30pm Sunday)

Bryan Park — Sunday 3/24/19 (1-4pm)

  • Bryan Park North Parking Lot


Switchyard — Saturday 4/6/19 (10am-1pm)

  • 1530 S. College Ave


If you’d like to lend a hand, whether or not you live on the west-side or know a thing about trees, you’re welcome to join us at any of the planting days!

To ask about other opportunities to plug in, or any other questions or communications, please feel free to reach out to us at  neighborhoodplantingproject@gmail.com. If you are a business looking to partner with us, shoot us an email! And to donate, please click the button below. Thanks to everyone who makes this project possible! 




January 2019 Updates


Many thanks to the Bloomingfoods Cooperative Community Fund for their generous grant for our spring 2019 efforts!  And also to the individuals, organizations, and businesses that supported our amazing first planting season, particularly The Center for Sustainable Living — we’re now a program of the Overlook Community Center, which is a project of the CSL. The Center for Sustainable Living is a nonprofit collective with many other (wonderful) community projects — learn more on their website.


Also, a belated thanks to Jerry Lehman, pawpaw and persimmon breeding guru, who led a workshop in June at the Overlook Community Center and a grafting demonstration at Avalon Community Garden.  He also invited us to his orchard in Terre Haute this fall, where we were gifted seeds from his award winning persimmon and pawpaws, met a clone of the first ever American-Asian persimmon hybrid (var. “Nikitas Gift”), witnessed the biggest pawpaws and persimmons we had ever seen, and had first and second helpings of Jerry’s wife Barbara’s excellent persimmon pudding