The Neighborhood Planting Project is a group of volunteers in Indiana committed to supporting local growing, food autonomy, ecological restoration, and public beauty.

Over the past few years, we have given away over 15,000 trees, shrubs, and other native plants. Last year in Bloomington alone, we gave away and helped plant 1,500 trees in the Waterman, Maple Heights, Trailview, and Crestmont neighborhoods. In 2023, we’re continuing the project with a lineup of native, edible fruit and nut trees, including pecan, persimmon, hazelnut, elderberry, black cherry, aronia- and more. We're also planning to have another seedling and garden supply swap on our tree distribution day in Bloomington.

Fall 2022 —> We got a grant! Thanks to the IU Center for Rural Engagement, we're expanding our distribution this year.

To ask about opportunities to plug in, or any other questions or communications, please feel free to reach out to us at If you are a business looking to partner with us, shoot us an email!

And to donate, please click the button below. Thanks to everyone who makes this project possible!